Halfway through 2024: ”A steady recovery in the market”

The second quarter of 2024 is drawing to a close. Begoma is finishing the first half of the year in high spirit, having taken several steps to position itself for even higher future demands from the market. We spoke with Managing Director, Henrik Malmberg, about his main takeaways from the year so far.

After a longer period of stagnation, driven in part by high interest rates and inflation, Henrik Malmberg has seen plenty of signs in 2024 that things are about to change.

– The previous year was rough for the logistics sector. Since the turn of the year though, we have seen several signs of improvement for both customers and partners in the sector. The interest from customers regarding more sustainable shipping and freight forwarding solutions are increasing steadily by the minute. The number of customers that have inquired specifically about intermodal shipping solutions have increased significantly as well, says Henrik Malmberg.

The market recovery goes hand in hand with a larger focus on sustainability. That is apparent in one other major focus of Begoma’s that has characterized the first half of 2024 – the new EU directive CSRD.

Increased demand for environmental data

The largest companies that operates within the EU borders are already obliged to report on the social and environmental performance of the activities across their value chain. That, in turn, requires Begoma to provide customers of this magnitude with raw data on the environmental impact of each step taken in our own supply chain.

– We see a clear increase in requests regarding environmental data from plenty of our customers. This is actually something that we already have been providing to every single one of our customers for over three years, says Henrik Malmberg.

Each month, in Begoma’s newsletter, each customer can view their own environmental impact, calculated from each transport taken through Begoma.

– We are able to make precise calculations and gather emission data from every single step, not just based on broad calculations and estimations. We are convinced that this type of data will become even more important to our customers in the years to come.

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Halfway through 2024: ”A steady recovery in the market”