Continuous business intelligence guides the transport industry

May 12, 2023

In recent years, the world has changed in many ways which have not gone unnoticed by Begoma. The corona pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and rising electricity prices are three distinctive factors that have caused the logistics industry to reorganise and rethink, says Madeleine Stein, Business Developer at Begoma. Fortunately, Madelene Stein continues, the transport […]

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Meet the Begoma office in Zambia

April 28, 2023

Why is a Swedish freight forwarder establishing an office in Zambia? Well, it may sound a bit odd, but there are several explanations. There is a great need for transport to and from the Copperbelt in northern Zambia. So, there are many development and business opportunities here. In addition, Begoma’s founder Göran Malmberg has worked […]

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Intermodal transports – efficient, economical, and sustainable

April 3, 2023

Begoma offers a variety of transport and logistics solutions. In particular, the industry has seen a major boom in intermodal transport, as more companies choose this approach to transport their goods worldwide. We chatted with Joel Svedebring, who works as a dispatcher and team leader at Begoma’s Grupp Väst. Joel explained that intermodal shipping is […]

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Meet Hampus Magnusson, Operations Manager in Gothenburg

February 10, 2023

Hampus Magnusson started his career as a sailor in the navy. After three years at sea and a sabbatical year that took him almost all over the world, he studied at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in shipping and logistics and a master’s degree in communication. Hampus’ background and […]

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A story about seeing an opportunity and seizing it

January 27, 2023

This is the story of Begoma and their journey from a local freight forwarder in Malmö to becoming an international logistics company with operations in several countries. The journey began in 1998 when Göran Malmberg acquired G&L Beijer Spedition AB. This company’s history dates back to the 1870s when brothers Gottfried and Lorens Beijer created […]

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Meet the Begoma office in Gothenburg

January 13, 2023

Begoma is an independent freight forwarder that offers tailor-made transport solutions worldwide based on the customer’s needs and wishes. Begoma is currently in a growth phase, and the expanding office in Gothenburg is an essential building block in the company’s operations. Begoma’s presence in Gothenburg gives the company excellent development opportunities. The city is an […]

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2022 in the rear-view mirror

December 23, 2022

What a year we have had! With fantastic drive and outstanding commitment from all the people at Begoma, we can look back on an eventful year with many new projects and encouragingly stable sales. I am deeply impressed by everyone’s efforts and am truly grateful and proud of our work. In 2022, major global events […]

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Begoma’s MMA3 Department

December 16, 2022

New department to meet the demand for project shipping services As freight forwarders, we coordinate the transportation of goods, both express and standard, and choose the most economical, reliable, and fast route for the customer. When Begoma’s management found that the number of project cargo shipments increased in 2022, they decided to create an entirely […]

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