Våra tjänster

Begoma hjälper ditt företag med kompletta laster, pallgods, paket, bulk, lagring, special och express.


Begoma’s Sales Team

The sales teams are one of the many important cornerstones of Begoma that keeps the wheels turning and the customer base growing. There are two strong sales teams in Sweden and the Netherlands both actively working on expanding the customer base while focusing on nurturing existing customer relationships. Sales not only offers reasonable prices on […]
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Begoma’s finance department

Begoma’s finance department is based out of the head office in Malmö. From here, the company handles all their transactions with customers and suppliers worldwide. Financial Director Björn Planell says that a challenge for our logistics sector is offering resource-efficient transport to our customers. The returning clientele and new customers are excellent proof of Begoma’s […]
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Meet Madeleine Stein, Our Business Developer

Madeleine Stein has been with the company since the very beginning. She worked at G&L Beijer Spedition when Göran and Ingrid Malmberg bought the company in 1998 and changed the name to Begoma Spedition. – It was actually my mother who came up with the name Begoma, which is a merger of BEijer GOran MAlmberg,” […]
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