Terms and Conditions of Transport

§1 Scope

The Terms and Conditions of Transport laid down in this document apply to all transport assignments that Begoma Spedition AB,
(hereinafter Begoma) has committed to perform, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

§2 Liability

All assignments shall be carried out in accordance with the latest version of the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (Nordiska Speditörsförbundets Allmänna Bestämmelser (NSAB)), the provisions of the CMR Convention and prevailing laws and regulations of the countries concerned. For rail assignments, the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail, COTIF also applies. NSAB and CMR limit Begoma’s liability and confer upon Begoma the right to collect all overdue receivables through the sale of property under its control. The conditions of NSAB apply, except for transport with a time guarantee under the second paragraph of §6, and §20 B, and also except for insurance obligations for storage under §27 C3.

§3 Transport undertaking

Begoma’s responsibility as a goods carrier commences once the goods have been taken over for forwarding and ceases once the goods have been delivered to the consignee at the place designated for delivery or have been placed at the consignee’s disposal in the stipulated place. Begoma reserves the right to select the type of vehicle, the mode of transport and transport routes and, acting at its own discretion, to convey the goods in direct traffic or with transshipment.

§4 Prices and agreement validity

Quotations given and agreements concluded are based on the tariffs, charges, currencies and conversion rates, taxes and other public levies, fuel costs and traffic conditions on the date of the quotation. Should changes occur in these conditions or should other cost increases outside our control arise, we reserve the right to initiate negotiations.
A quotation is considered accepted only upon the customer having booked the first transport quoted.
A contract which has reached its last day of validity is extended automatically on a monthly basis thereafter, unless Begoma has given notice of a freight adjustment before the date of expiry.

§5 Alteration and cancellation

Bookings of transport assignments can be altered or cancelled up to 24 hours before the booked loading time. In the event of alteration or cancellation within 24 hours of the booked loading time, Begoma reserves the right to invoice 80% of the agreed freight charge.

§6 Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, credit terms are 20 days. In the event of overdue payment, penalty interest is currently charged at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof. Credit is offered once a customary credit check has been performed. The credit limit is set according to the credit reference received.

§7 Exchange rate and fuel price fluctuations

Unless otherwise agreed, in case of a change, Begoma is entitled to make corresponding adjustments to the price charged in proportion to the fluctuation in currency and fuel price and their affect on the total price.
Calculation of fuel surcharge (FSC) is carried out according to the following formula:

FSC = ((Current fuel price – Base price)/Base price) * fuel-dependent proportion

Current fuel price (diesel) – as per CirkleK’s website.

Base price – The fuel price applicable during the base month specified in the quotation.

The fuel-dependent proportion is 35%

A currency surcharge is added for all transport agreements in Swedish kronor when the prevailing rate SEK/EUR deviates from the exchange rate applicable in the base month specified in the quotation. For agreements in SEK, the currency-dependent proportion is 80%. For agreements in other currencies, the proportion is 20%.
For currency fluctuations of less than 3%, no surcharge is added. For both fuel and currency surcharges, the minimum applicable charge is 0%. Ergo, the surcharge can never be a negative amount.

We follow the SPPI (Services Producer Price Index), which means that unless otherwise agreed, contract prices are adjusted at each year-end in accordance with this index. As the index value for the current year, the index number for Q2 is used in the previous year.

Year Index
2020 104,0
2021 104,8
2022 112,2
2023 119,2

§8 Calculation of volume

For road transport within Europe, the following conversion factors are used. Freight costs charged are based on the highest of either actual weight or chargeable weight.

1 cubic metre 1 loading metre 1 pallet space (0.4 loading metres)
England 360 kg 2 000 kg 800 kg
Rest of Europe 333 kg 1 850 kg 740 kg

Loading metre

One loading metre is one meter of a flatbed trailer’s length and full width. Loading metres are usually calculated for goods that cannot be stacked on or with other goods. Pallet space is based on the dimensions of a EUR pallet: 120 × 80 cm which equals 0.4 LM. To calculate the number of loading metres of the goods, use the following formula: (length (in metres) x width (in metres ))/2.40.

§9 Cargo insurance

Begoma is liable for the goods from the time Begoma takes delivery of the goods from the shipper until delivery thereof to the consignee. Liability is limited pursuant to NSAB/CMR rules. If damage or loss has occurred during the ferry crossing, the provisions of the Swedish Maritime Code may be applicable.
Cargo insurance can be taken out.

§10 Joint assessment

Joint loading/joint assessment are applicable subject to separate agreement or contract.

§11 Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading shall be carried out in agreement with the driver. The consignor and consignee shall make sure necessary goods handling equipment is available to ensure loading and unloading can be carried out correctly and safely. For consignments of under 10 tonnes of freight, 30 minutes of loading or unloading are included free of charge. For consignments of over 10 tonnes of freight , 60 minutes of loading or unloading are included free of charge. If the loading or unloading time is exceeded, Begoma reserves the right to charge SEK 500 per hour or part thereof and a maximum of SEK 2500 per day or part thereof. Fees for an additional loading or unloading point shall be governed by a separate agreement or contract.

§12 Dangerous goods

At the time of booking a transport assignment, the customer shall inform Begoma if the goods are classified as dangerous and, pursuant to regulations, submit documentation to Begoma Spedition AB. The consignor is responsible for ensuring valid documentation is completed in compliance with legislation in force in the countries concerned. The surcharge for dangerous goods is EUR 90/consignment <10 tonnes and EUR 180/consignment >10 tonnes.

§13 Complaints

Visible damage or loss shall be noted in the consignment note upon the receipt of the goods and countersigned by the driver. Hidden damage must be reported in writing within 7 days of receipt. Compensation claims shall be submitted in writing and must be supported with a copy of the deliverer’s invoice, copy of the consignment note, photographs of damaged packaging and goods and other documentation necessary to proceed with the complaint.
Damaged goods shall be stored appropriately until the insurance company with which the case shall be filed has been determined.
If the customer holds their own cargo insurance, the customer’s insurance company must be contacted immediately. Any claim for damage must be submitted to claims@begoma.com.

§14 Customs clearance

Customs clearance assignments are undertaken on request subject to separate agreement. For export customs clearance, there is an additional charge of EUR 45 per consignment and for import customs clearance there is an additional charge of EUR 50 per consignment, unless otherwise agreed.

Terms and Conditions of Transport