Begoma’s establishment in Zambia

3 oktober, 2022

Begoma has established itself in Africa, more specifically in northern Zambia. The area is also known as the Copperbelt Province. The great need for loading capacity to and from the mining industry made it an easy choice for Begoma to establish itself on the African continent. Currently, preparations are in full swing to build offices and acquire a fleet of vehicles.

The need for loading capacity is not the only the reason for Begoma’s establishment in Zambia. Beginning as a family business, Begoma has a history of working in Zambia. Begoma’s founder Göran Malmberg has previously worked on several logistics projects in Zambia. Malmberg’s work has provided Begoma with an extensive network of contacts that will be immensely helpful in launching the new office.

Begoma has acquired land in Zambia, where the office will be located, and there is also a strong focus on acquiring trucks and trailers. Currently, there is one local employee, General Manager Bill Mashata, who has a long track record of proven experience in the logistics sector. Begoma is also hiring new staff for the Zambia office, with drivers, office staff and supervisors being the main recruits in the initial phase, with additional staff to be recruited after this phase.

Erik Malmberg, Traffic Director at the head office in Malmö, explains that there is a great need for the country’s mining industry to be able to transport copper to Durban in South Africa, where it is then shipped on to large parts of the world. Once all the copper is loaded onto container ships in Durban, Begoma’s trucks are loaded with goods that have arrived in Durban and are needed by the mining industry to ensure continuous copper mining. The transport distance from the Copperbelt in Zambia to the port city of Durban in South Africa is 5,000 kilometres round trip.

Copper is greatly needed for a variety of industries around the world, and Erik Malmberg explains:

– Begoma sees its investment in Zambia as part of the critical supply chain for transporting the globally significant copper. Erik Malmberg continues:

-There are many domestic and international companies established in the Copperbelt, and Begoma’s physical presence is essential for the company, both to be available to customers on-site and to be able to create new and long-term customer relationships.

Begoma’s venture in Zambia is a long-term project to provide customers with quality door-to-door shipping facilities, thus maintaining its commitment and responsiveness to customer needs.

The new office plans to start operations in mid-December 2022.

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Begoma’s establishment in Zambia