Continuous business intelligence guides the transport industry

May 12, 2023

In recent years, the world has changed in many ways which have not gone unnoticed by Begoma. The corona pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and rising electricity prices are three distinctive factors that have caused the logistics industry to reorganise and rethink, says Madeleine Stein, Business Developer at Begoma. Fortunately, Madelene Stein continues, the transport industry is adaptable to the current world situation.

Begoma continuously collects and analyses business intelligence to ensure that their logistics business is minimally affected by what is happening. The world situation can be analysed in many ways. For Begoma, staying updated with what is happening in the EU is essential; networking with colleagues in different industry associations and following news reports and economic developments is critical. All EU decisions directly affect the transport industry, so Begoma is keen to be at the forefront regarding business intelligence.

In addition to keeping up to date with what is happening worldwide, the transport industry also needs to switch to more environmentally friendly transport solutions. Customers increasingly demand climate-smart transport, and as part of an environmentally friendly transport, Begoma offers intermodal solutions. Intermodal transport means that most of the transport is by rail, which helps the company to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This mode of transport has increased significantly in recent years.

The last few years have brought many changes and challenges for the entire Transport Industry. Following the pandemic, many companies that previously had their production in Asia now moved it to Europe.

In 2022, several new regulations were introduced jointly within the EU, and it is part of a larger package called the Mobility Package. The Mobility Package is intended to provide better working conditions for professional drivers, fairer competition between transport companies and increased road safety in the European transport sector. We welcome this change at Begoma.

Madeleine Stein points out that it is essential for Begoma always to give our customers different transport alternatives. Begoma is at the forefront of developing the digitalisation of their own developed transport systems and switching to climate-smart solutions that customers highly demand.