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High delivery service with Begoma’s team MMA2

29 september, 2023

The need for logistics services is increasing. This trend has become apparent for the MMA2 group at Begoma, which works with truck transports from Sweden to the rest of Europe. Johan Åkesson works at MMA2 together with three colleagues. To help them, they also have Begoma’s local office in the Czech Republic. And they need it! Every month, MMA2 handles over 1,000 orders. From Sweden, it is mainly the primary Swedish export goods of steel, wood and paper that are transported to Germany, France, Spain, and the Baltic States.

A good freight forwarder is good at one thing: moving goods from one place to another within an agreed time and at an agreed price. It may sound simple, but it takes both experience and skill to make it work in practice. Johan says that a large part of the job is about communication.

”Begoma has many regular and repeat customers because we can solve problems quickly and efficiently and inform our transport customers proactively. By maintaining personal communication with our hauliers, we build strong ties and networks,” says Johan.

Most transports go from point A to point B without any problems. However, sometimes something happens along the way, and that’s when the relationship and communication between freight forwarders and hauliers are significant.

”Deviations are usually accepted as long as we inform in advance and provide a solution which is one of Begoma’s great strengths. At Begoma, decision-making paths are short, which means we can offer our customers efficient transport arrangements and fast service,” Johan continues.

The excellent relationship with the hauliers has allowed Begoma and the MMA2 department to keep their customers even during the corona pandemic and now with Russia´s war in Ukraine. After a slight decline, transport requests are in full swing again. Johan and his colleagues have also noticed increased requests for environmentally friendly transport options. Already now, some goods are transported by intermodal transport. This is an economically advantageous mode of transportation for longer distances. Still, the customer must expect it to take slightly longer for the goods to reach their destination. However, the shortest possible lead time, i.e. the time from order to delivery, is essential for many customers.

“At MMA2, we continuously work on solving our customers’ transport needs every day of the year so that our customers continue to be satisfied with our work!”

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High delivery service with Begoma’s team MMA2