Begoma’s establishment in Kyiv, Ukraine

18 oktober, 2022

Begoma is in an expansive development phase with several new offices around the world, and the latest investment is the establishment in Ukraine. Ukraine has been a large part of Begoma’s market for many years, so the decision to open a physical office in Kyiv was an easy one, says Henrik Malmberg, Managing Director at Begoma.

Begoma has extensive experience working with freight transport to and from Ukraine. This long-standing experience has provided a vast network of contacts and valuable knowledge of Ukraine’s local transport system. The purpose of Begoma establishing itself in Ukraine is to be able to develop our operations there,” says Henrik Malmberg and continues:

”Begoma is, of course, following the development of the situation in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and want to support the domestic industry in any way we can. Hence, it is natural for us to open an office in Kyiv.”

Begoma offers its customers a range of transport options, but not all modes of transport can be provided in all countries, depending on infrastructure and geographical location. When the office in Ukraine is fully operational, Begoma will first of all offer freight-forwarding services, which will mainly concern road transport. In some parts of Ukraine, rail transport will also be an option, but due to the current situation in the region, some transport options are limited. Lastly, the customs legislation in Ukraine is an ever-changing affair. Begoma has its own in-house customs specialist and provides custom services, in addition to shipping services.

Henrik Malmberg clarifies:

”Begoma strives always to offer the customers tailor-made transport solutions, which will be our goal with the establishment in Ukraine. Customer services is a keyword for us, and being able to offer customised modes of transport is a matter of course as far as it can be arranged, practically and economically.”

When asked how the establishment of an office in Kyiv is beneficial for customers, Henrik Malmberg explains:

”Given the circumstances, we believe there will be a great need for significant investments in Ukraine in the coming years. Ukraine is also a candidate for EU membership, although there are still a few years to go before that looks like becoming a reality. Begoma has physical offices in many countries, and experience shows that it is with a local and physical presence that we can grow and create good contacts and favourable conditions.”