Begoma’s MMA3 Department

16 december, 2022

New department to meet the demand for project shipping services

As freight forwarders, we coordinate the transportation of goods, both express and standard, and choose the most economical, reliable, and fast route for the customer. When Begoma’s management found that the number of project cargo shipments increased in 2022, they decided to create an entirely new department – MMA3. This department focuses on project and express transports. With every transport, they ensure quick and efficient traffic flow and provide a quality service. Anton Jönsson, former team leader for MMA2, now oversees MMA3.

The requests that MMA3 receives can range vastly; from express transport for a company that needs thirty trucks the next day to one-off transports of heavy and bulky cargo. All requests are equally important, and all customers always receive prompt information and quality service. Decision-making is quick at Begoma in order to meet customers’ various requests directly and offer an efficient transport arrangement.

”Begoma gives its staff a great deal of freedom to make their own decisions, enabling us to provide our customers with information and service quickly. This is our main competitive advantage. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s also what makes the job so much fun,” says Anton.

Anton also attains new customers through Begoma’s sales department. He begins by learning the customer’s needs, he then creates a quote that meets the customer’s specific requirements and goes on to ensure that the transport flow is as efficient as possible before one of the skilled traffic managers takes over. Our team leaders are responsible for their respective customers through all transport links. Assignments are not allocated by country but by customer so that the customer has as few contacts as possible.

In Begoma’s new MMA3 department, Anton wears two hats; he’s both a salesman and a team leader who solves project and standard transports as quickly and efficiently as possible. Anton often collaborates with different departments within Begoma, especially with Erik Malmberg, Begoma’s Traffic Director, and Jonas Landhage, who works as Operation Manager at Begoma’s office in Gothenburg.

If you want more information, you are very welcome to contact Anton!