Meet the Begoma office in Gdansk, Poland

This week we present the Gdansk office.

Centrally located in the heart of the European continent, Poland is one of the leading logistics hubs in Europe. So, when we expanded our operations to the European market, opening an office in Gdansk was an obvious step. With a local office, we have current knowledge of the specific market and insights into its tendencies. We are also able to build a better base of subcontractors when we are present on the market.

Our Polish office opened its doors in January 2020, just before the pandemic hit the world. COVID-19 took its toll on the Polish industry, and many production companies either stopped or reduced their production for some time. Now, many companies are back in business and trying to catch up. Begoma aim to participate in this process as much as possible.

Our office in Gdansk operates regular line-haul trucks between Poland, Benelux and Italy. The other services we offer from our Gdansk office include road, sea, air, and rail freight. Road transports are the most sought-after services, including FTL and LTL on the domestic market and throughout Europe. At our Polish office, we also work with some logistic suppliers’ fragile special transports and ADR transports covering some imports from EU countries to Poland. Begoma is slowly but surely getting recognition in the field thanks to the broader cooperation with Polish suppliers. We are striving to live up to and exceed customers’ expectations.

At the moment four people are working in the office. Pawel Mil joined the team in June as Team Leader. Dominika, Marcin and Michal are freight forwarders and have direct contact with their respective customers. They are working as one organism, sharing the details of ongoing coverage and routines. Even if anyone’s absent, the other ones help out with ongoing transports and current requests. Michal was the first to join Begoma and has been with us since we first opened the doors on January 2nd, 2020. A few months later, he was joined by Dominika, and after the summer, there was another addition when Marcin got onboard.

Since February 2021, Pawel and his colleagues have been operating from an office located in the middle of Gdansk but will soon move to a new and better office in Gdynia.